Here Is How I Spice Up My DIY All-Purpose Cleaner

We have all heard of using vinegar as an all-purpose cleaner. We have all seen different DIY recipes for an all-purpose cleaner but I started to get pretty bored with the most common ones.

Another huge downfall to using vinegar is the smell… that horrible smell I cannot stand. I wanted to find a way to still get all benefits from cleaning with vinegar while avoiding the smell.

If I have to be honest with you making my own cleaners has become like a hobby to me which is why I wanted to try out new things and spice up the recipes I follow. I started experimenting with different ingredients trying to find something interesting – and I am here to share with you everything I “invented”!

Here Is What You Can Do!

One of my favourite ways to cancel out the smell of vinegar is by simply adding lemon peels and thyme to the vinegar. Then I let them sit in the vinegar for at least two days so that they can replace the smell.

Another amazing trick I use is to add orange peels and a few drops of vanilla essential oil. Both these ingredients add an amazing scent to the vinegar!

Next on my list has to be adding lavender – it’s relaxing, smells amazing, and has antibacterial properties that work very well with the vinegar. Grab a lavender essential oil and add it to your DIY all-purpose cleaner – you won’t regret it!

Last but definitely not least on my list is adding sage to your vinegar and leaving it for a few days in it until it cancels the bad scent of the vinegar. Similar to lavender, sage has antibacterial properties – and who doesn’t want to make their cleaner stronger?

Start Experimenting More

Everything I shared with you today is just a small portion of all the possibilities which are endless when you really think about it. You can add all sorts of essential oils, herbs, and even fruits to your vinegar so that it can infuse with them.

Just use the ones you like and watch how making your own all-purpose cleaner will become pleasant!