How To Properly Clean A Nonstick Pan?

All nonstick pans can truly last you over a decade if you take proper care of them. Of course, eventually, you might start noticing some wear and tear on the surface, however, this shouldn’t worry you.

I have one very special nonstick pan in my kitchen – one I purchased 12 years ago. And I still use it to this day. This pan really has been through a lot, however, I have taken good care of it which is why it is still my favorite one 12 years later!

How To Properly Clean A Nonstick Pan?

– Never Use Your Dishwasher!

One crucial thing you must avoid if you want your nonstick pan to last you a long time is to never clean it in your dishwasher. The high heat and the detergents will damage the nonstick coating of the pan!

– How I Clean My Nonstick Pan?

I wait for the pan to cool down completely then I squirt dish soap on a sponge and gently start rubbing the pan. I never use abrasive scrub brushes (or metal ones) because they will scratch the coating.

Now is the time to add another tip – never use harsh cleaners like bleach or oven cleaners. I know some people recommend using them when cleaning pans, however, they are way too harsh and will damage the pan – and after all, you want to learn how to properly clean it so it lasts you a long time, right?

Next, I rinse the soap. If I see some stubborn stains, I sprinkle salt over them while the pan is still wet then scrub it with a sponge. Of course, I never apply too much pressure or scrub hard. Then I rinse.

Once I am done cleaning it, I always “condition” it and apply some vegetable oil with a paper towel. Next, I wipe the excess with another paper towel.