These 4 Things Shouldn’t Be Cleaned With Vinegar

So many people use vinegar as a cleaner or they implement it in their homemade cleaners. One of the most common recipes I have seen (and used) is an all-purpose cleaner. Of course, I love it and I use it on a daily basis, however, not many people know that there are certain surfaces you need to avoid when using vinegar. Why? Vinegar is highly acidic and will have a chemical reaction with certain objects like marble.

So if you have decided you want to try out some homemade cleaner that contains vinegar make sure that it’s safe to be used first!

Never Use Vinegar On These 4 Things

– Your iron

If I have to be honest, I have seen people who recommend using vinegar when cleaning an iron, however, this is extremely wrong and it will damage the iron.

– Grout

If your grout is unsealed then the vinegar’s acidity will eat it away resulting in irreversible damage. This is why I do not recommend using vinegar or any cleaners that contain vinegar on grout!

– Hardwood floors

Believe it or not, vinegar shouldn’t be used when cleaning hardwood floors. I know that you have probably seen a lot of recipes for floor cleaners whose main ingredient is… vinegar, however, over time, the acidity will damage your expensive floors and their protective coating.

– Granite and Marble

Avoid using vinegar to clean both granite and marble surfaces at all cost, otherwise, the sealant will be damaged resulting in… terrible looking surface.