What happens when you swallow gum?

Gum is such an amazing thing. I chew it all the time. I always make sure I have chewing gum in my bag, car or somewhere close by. I am also a smoker and it helps me a lot to reduce the number of cigarettes I smoke. It also helps me cut down on calories. I don’t usually reach out for unhealthy snacks like chips or sweets throughout the day when I am chewing gum. But as great of an invention, it is there is one downfall – swallowing it. It’s unpleasant – I have choked a couple of times in my life with chewing gum (don’t mind my inability to do basic human activities; I am just a clumsy individual overall). We have all heard that swallowing gum means it will stay in your body for seven years. Well, after I went down the rabbit hole that the internet is one night, I can say that this is not true.

And not only do I say it’s not true – research says it as well. Yes, chewing gum is definitely not digestible (meaning it is not good for your body when you repeatedly swallow gum) but it absolutely won’t stay in your body for seven years. The longest it can stay there is a week. According to The Ohio State University, this is because the stomach empties itself periodically into the small intestine.

Even if it’s not fully digestible, there are some ingredients in gum like sweeteners that are digestible. There is a huge but – like I said, repeatedly swallowing gum is not good for your body. It can lead to bowel obstruction.

So if it doesn’t happen often and you occasionally swallow gum – it’s ok. It won’t harm you or cause something bad to happen. Just make sure it’s not a habit of yours and you don’t do it often.